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[Verse 1] Oh, hi, Mr. Claus, it’s me, Logan Paul! 22 Christmases, ain’t heard from you at all It’s maybe ’cause I’m naughty, or maybe ’cause I’m nice Or maybe ’cause I met Mrs. Claus and hit her twice Sneakin’ down my chimney, homie, that’s a crime Breakin’ in and enterin’, you just crossed the line Got no milk and …

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Louis Tomlinson – Miss You Video

Louis Tomlinson – Miss You Video Lyrics [Verse 1] Is it my imagination? Is it something that I’m taking? All the smiles that I’m faking “Everything is great Everything is fucking great” Going out every weekend Staring at the stars on the ceiling Hollywood friends, gotta see them Such a good time I believe it this time [Pre-Chorus] Tuesday night …

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Bjork – utopia Video

Bjork – utopia Video [Verse 1] Bird species never seen or heard before The first flute carved from the first fauna [Refrain 1] Utopia It’s not elsewhere Let’s purify [Verse 2] You assigned me to protect our lantern To be intentional about the light [Refrain 2] Utopia It isn’t elsewhere It’s here [Verse 3] My instinct has been shouting at me …

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Sam Smith – One Last Song Video and Lyrics

Sam Smith – One Last Song Video and Lyrics[Verse 1] Maybe one day I won’t sing about you I’ll sing a song about someone new But right here, right now, you are on my mind And I think about you all the time [Pre-Chorus] I’m sending a message to you And I’m hoping that it will get through [Chorus] When it …

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Logan Paul – No Handlebars

[Intro] Ugh, Mr. Logan Paul Ye What qualifies you for this job exactly? Hahaha Do you really wanna know? Yeah, tha- that’s why you’re here Isn’t it? Okay Here’s what I can do [Chorus] I can ride your girl with no handlebars (ya) I can ride your girl with no handlebars (scre) I can ride your girl with no handlebars …

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